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Cartophilic Society of New Zealand Inc

Postal Auctions

Combined with every issue (quarterly - Feb, May, Aug, Nov) of "Cardlines" is the eagerly awaited Postal Auction List. The "PA" as it is generally known, has built up a reputation for looking after members interests, whether buying or selling. In every Auction there is usually around 250-300 lots (a good mxture of old and new cards with different price ranges to suit everyone). This is where many bargains are to be found. For vendors (people wishing to submit lots in an Auction) there is only a 15% commission rate charged; which benefits the Society and helps to pay some of the expenses.

Click for our bidsheet: Bidsheet

Note that you may only bid on these auctions if you are a member of this Society;
you may however submit the bidsheet along with your application for membership provided
you allow plenty of time for the bidsheet to be processed to the auctioneer.

Postal Auction 221 (Closes 18 Jun 2021)