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Cartophilic Society of New Zealand Inc


(the Society Newsletter)


The aim of the Society newsletter is to provide members with a wealth of fascinating information on all aspects of Cartophily (Card Collecting). Written entirely by collectors, for collectors, it is mostly free of all commercial influences. Often described as interesting, informative, educational and sometimes controversial, it is universally acclaimed as the foremost of Cartophilic reading in New Zealand. Regular features include: Discoveries, So What's New's? (new issues, etc), Letters to the Editor, and many other articles plus collectors viewpoints. Another popular regular feature is the "Memberads" section, which provides, free of charge, opportunities for all members to sell, exchange and acquire cards. Furthermore the Postal Auction is certainly an added bonus that many members frequently participate in.

It makes no difference what you collect - early tobacco cards, or modern Sanitarium issues, American Trading Cards, types, etc. Your knowledge and appreciation of cards and Cartophily will multiply as a member.

"Cardlines" is published quarterly (4 issues per year) with all pages printed in full colour and is FREE to all members. Printing and Postage costs are provided entirely from members subscriptions.

Contributions of articles, news items and enquiries may be emailed to: The Cardlines Editor

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