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Cartophilic Society of New Zealand Inc


In New Zealand there are several places where collectors get together, including Auckland, Paraparaumu and Christchurch. Usually meetings are held every 2-3 months on a Sunday afternoon.

At the card meetings one can chat with fellow collectors and enjoy the advantages of organised card activity. These friendly, interesting events, are all about cards old and new. Members buy, sell and exchange among themselves. Dealers regularly attend with hundreds of "odd" cards, sets and accessories. Here you can mingle with new, veteran and specialist collectors.

You will also find opportunities to view cards, learn about our hobby from experienced collectors, identify your cards, and more!

Click to see when the next meeting is scheduled in your area: Next meeting.

The highlight of the Cartophilic calendar each year is the National Card Convention (AGM and public card exhibition) usually held over 2 days in April at a different place every year. Click to see when and where the next AGM is to be: Next AGM

Meetings / Fairs

Next Auckland Area Meetings:

When:  3 Feb 2019, 2.00pm onwards.

             7 April 2019

             2 June 2019

             4 August 2019

             6 October 2019

             1 December 2019

Venue:  @ Yvonne Coles, Northcote. Auckland


Next Wellington Area Meetings:


When:  Sunday, 24 February 2019  - 10:00am to 2:30pm.

Venue:   9 Iver Trask Place, 100 metres from the old Community centre venue

We will  meet in the Foyer Meeting Room of the Paraparaumu Library at 9 Iver Trask Place  (approximately 100 metres from our old venue). Upon entering through the first set ofautomatic doors, turn right and go through to the back of the meeting/gallery room.

Next Christchurch Area Meeting:
When:  tba
Time:    2 pm
Venue: tba