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Cartophilic Society of New Zealand Inc

What's New

10 Feb 2018

Auction 208 Uploaded.

2018 AGM details updated.

Local Meeting Dates (updated).

Membership Fees (updated)

6 Jun 2017

Auction 205 Uploaded.

2018 AGM details added.

16 Aug 2015

Auction 198 Uploaded.

7/10 Jul 2015

Local Meeting Dates (updated).

Soundcard Stickers

11 Feb 2015

Local Meeting Dates (updated).

AGM details added.

Nov 2014

Meeting Dates updated.

Link for Cartophilic Society of Great Britain updated

22 Feb 2013

AGM factsheet,Jack Murtagh Voting Form & Nomination of Officers Form added.

Local Meeting Dates (updated).

Auctions (updated).

Madagascar 3 Blueberry Labels (new).